Weekly Pinspiration: Valentine’s Day Meal Recipes

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I did a three-part series of posts for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. You can find those posts here, here and here. This year, I wanted to do something similar but use recipes I’ve made throughout the year. I don’t think that a special meal always needs a brand new recipe. I,m a big fan of making what I like over and over again. This year for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make my sweetie a three-course meal of CapreseĀ  Salad Skewers, Spinach and Artichoke Penne, and Creme Brulee. To find these recipes, click the corresponding numbers above the photo.

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this image is a simple graphic showing caprese salad, spinach and artichoke penne and creme brulee for a valentine's day meal