Weekly Pinspiration: Carrot Juice, Root Chips, & Buttery Honey Beer Bread

This week, I scoured Pinterest for unique recipes. My three favorites were these recipes for Carrot Juice, Root Chips, and Buttery Honey Beer Bread. I’ve been wanting a juicer for months, but I’m not quite ready to bite the bullet and spend the money for a good one. However, when I finally convince myself to buy one, I plan on using this recipe for carrot juice. It looks delicious! I also love this recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon for Root Chips. They look so colorful and crispy! As for the Buttery Honey Beer Bread, I tried to find a healthier recipe, but I just kept coming back to this one. The bread looks delicious, and like it would be a perfect accompaniment for beef stew!

Have you found any good pins lately?

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Weekly Pinspiration: Carrot juice, Root chips, Buttery Honey Beer Bread