Weekly Pinspiration: Triple Chocolate Crunch Granola, Pumpkin Dog Biscuits and Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Mix

This week, I pinned a lot of random things on my Pinterest account. I pinned everything from gift ideas, like a monogrammed bangle bracelet, to a recipe for dog biscuits. That’s right, dog biscuits. You make them from scratch, and they’re supposed to help settle your pup’s upset stomach! I included them in the weekly pinsperation this week, because they’re inspiring me to make some holiday gift bags for my favorite dog lovers. This week, I also found recipes for Triple Chocolate Crunch Granola and Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Mix. As always, follow the links below to find the recipe and keep pinning!

Have you ever made dog biscuits before? Did your dogs actually like them?

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