More Cheese Please?

Is it time to rethink any doubts you may have about the healthfulness of eating “full fat” dairy? Maybe so, according to some recent research.

A recent article by Hallie Levine for AARP on superfoods touts the health benefits associated with consuming full-fat dairy products. Levine’s article states: “People who ate the most high-fat dairy products (like yogurt and cheese) had about a 50 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who ate the least.” This finding was based on a 2016 Harvard University study published in the journal Circulation. Levine goes on to write: “And contrary to popular belief, recent research has found no link between eating full-fat dairy and an increased risk of heart disease. One of Levine’s sources for the article was Wayne State University professor of nutrition, Tonia Reinhard, author of the book Superfoods: The Healthiest Foods on the Planet. Reinhard believes full-fat dairy products are a healthy superfood. Reinhard recommends treating yourself to up to one serving of full-fat dairy each day.

This 2016 article from U.S. News adds support to the AARP report.

Dairy production has long been an important part of American and Arkansas agriculture. Milk and other dairy products from cows and goats remains a staple in the diets of most Americans, however, over the course of the past two decades, fluid milk consumption per capita has declined, and sales of low-fat milk have increased relative to whole milk. So, take this good news about full-fat dairy products (just in time for Dairy Month) and head to your local grocery to buy some dairy products to support Arkansas dairy farmers!

Speaking of which, check out the first video in the new edition of Arkansas Farm Bureau’s Rows & Ranches series to learn more about what goes into being a dairy farmer: