Farmer Profile ~ Beth Killingsworth Moss

Beth Killingsworth Moss of Woodruff County is our featured woman in agriculture today. Beth works for Progeny Ag Products in Wynne selling soybean, wheat, rice, corn and sorghum seeds.

Beth Killingsworth

Alongside working for Progeny, Beth is also involved in Woodruff County Farm Bureau serving on the county’s board, YF&R Committee, Women’s Committee and rice division. In 2012, she jumped at the opportunity to apply to be a part of the inaugural class of Arkansas Farm Bureau’s President’s Leadership Council. “I wanted to work on my leadership skills,” she said. “Also, I thought it would be important to meet other leaders not only who were participating in the leadership council, but also those who were attending, speaking and leading the program.”

Beth says it’s essential for the agriculture community to develop leaders. “Many people aren’t aware of the impact of agriculture in our nation’s economy. We need leaders to step up, educate and promote agriculture,” she said. “There will be many changes with the market, policy, science and technology to push for a more long-term sustainability in agriculture for the United States.”

Beth is always looking for opportunities to give back, to share the knowledge that she’s already gained through the blessings she’s received and worked hard for despite a life that has experienced far more tragedy than a person her age should have to face.

“I see myself always being involved in agriculture, whether that means working on the production side or working in industrial agriculture. Not only do I think it’s important to be involved in it, I love it,” Beth said. “I have a passion for agriculture, and I will always be an advocate for it.”