Faces of Agriculture: Kirbi Allen

Kirbi Allen has been a fixture on the rodeo circuit in Arkansas and the surrounding states for many years. Kirbi is from Springdale and was recently crowned 2013 Miss Rodeo Arkansas. She’ll compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America next December. Kirbi sat down to answer a few questions about how she is involved with agriculture.

this image is of kirbi allen, miss rodeo arkansas 2013
photography by Brittany Coffee

1.  How are you involved in agriculture?

My whole life revolves around agriculture. I’ve been involved in rodeo since I was very young, and I will graduate this spring from the University of Arkansas with a degree in agricultural communications. I’ve always loved horses, and it’s important to me that I stay involved in the horse industry, particularly where I can use my ag communications degree.  

2.  In your own words, what is agriculture?

Agriculture, to me, is unlike any other industry. It’s a unique process that involves raw goods, manufacturing, distribution, selling and consuming of goods grown or produced through animals, grains and other raw materials.

3.  Why do you think agriculture is important?

Agriculture is important, because everything we buy in a grocery store can be traced back to the farm. It’s a huge part of our daily lives, even if we don’t live on a farm. Plus, if we didn’t have agriculture to produce feed grains and livestock, we wouldn’t have rodeo. They go hand in hand.

4.  What is the one thing you want everyone to know about agriculture and farming?

I’d like people to know that farmers and ranchers are good people who work hard every day to produce a superior product. I’d also like for people to understand that rodeo and agriculture are synonymous; they make great partners in preserving the farming and western way of life.

5.  How will you use your role as Miss Rodeo Arkansas to promote agriculture?

I feel fortunate to be an ag communications degree holder. My college classes emphasized how important agriculture is to many different industries. I can use that knowledge to educate the general public on the virtues of preserving the western way of life but also the benefits of a healthy and productive agriculture industry. Miss Rodeo Arkansas gives me a great platform to reach many different audiences.