An Easy Cheese Plate

Do you like the idea of a cheese plate to serve to guests with wine before dinner or even for dessert? Do you find yourself staring blankly in the cheese department, overwhelmed by the choices and the prices? Don’t be shy. I’ve seen you there right beside me with eyes glazing over.

Never fear, “Taste Arkansas” is here to help you compose a cheese plate that’s delicious without breaking the bank.


  • Simplify and limit. Think of everything as either aged, soft, firm or blue. Choose one from each of these categories creating a variety of textures and flavors. Still overwhelmed? I sometimes like to go with a theme, like different milk types or an array of Italian cheeses to calm the cheese counter chaos.
  • The odds and ends bin is your friend. Many gourmet grocers package smaller bits of cheese in an odds and ends bin. Priced around $1 to $3, this is a great way to sample something at the top of your price range or shop for a smaller cheese plate.
  • Bread or crackers? I say both. A sliced baguette is my go-to bread, but there are also many options of denser breads with dried fruit or nuts you might try. Always have crackers available.
  • Serve at room temperature. Make sure to plate the cheeses an hour before serving. That way, the soft cheeses will slice and smear like butter.
  • Simple spreads and accompaniments. Fruit, which amplifies a cheese’s sweetness, is a must. Go for dried (cranberries, dates, cherries or figs), fresh (sliced apples, pears, plums, apricots or melon) or both.
  • Tools of the trade. Do you lack the proper cheese tools? No worries. Just set out a separate knife for each cheese — something sharper for the harder options and a butter knife for creamier options. Cut a few pieces of each (wedges for rounds, slices for everything else) to get guests started. Your friends will not mind. They’ll be too busy eating the delicious cheeses.
  • The cheese tip that will ruin the party. Keep anything really pungent separate, so as not to overwhelm the other offerings. So, stinky cheese separate. Got it?


cheese plate
Delicious Arkansas spread. Photo and produce courtesy of Kent Walker Artisan Cheese, Geek Eats hummus, Barnhill strawberries, and Sun Harvey honey, yum!

Want to learn more about cheese? Check out Kent Walker Artisan Cheese. Produced in downtown Little Rock, they pride themselves on making delicious cheese with old-world, handmade methods from all Arkansas ingredients. You can follow their Facebook page for tasting opportunities, and they’ll soon open a tasting room in the old Diamond Bear Brewery in little Rock.


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