Ag Day 2012

Today is National Agriculture Day, a day to celebrate and recognize agriculture. It’s important to recognize the contributions of not only agriculture, but also the people involved. I think we should be celebrating agriculture and the people of agriculture all year long. The agriculture industry has a wide influence wielded by an even wider variety of people. It’s time to meet the farmers, the agriculture advocates, the teachers, the professionals and give a face to agriculture.

In a few days I’ll post the first of this series we’re calling the Faces of Agriculture, but I need your help. If you know someone in your community that is an outstanding farmer, advocate for agriculture or just plain loves agriculture and isn’t afraid to tell everyone about it please send me an email ( Or leave a comment telling me all about them. I want to highlight the people you know, not just the ones I know.

Because today is Ag Day, below is a really cool video about American agriculture and its influence. Check it out!